More Chains!

This too has sold, from fly to fish and back again. First crab.Latestfoodchain

Second crab and an attempt at a shrimp. Such fun. This one is also sold. Wow!




I forgot to post the other day a collaboration I did with my husband the artist. He carved a small wooden moose and I knit a festive hat and scarf! The scarf is double knit in green and red (it’s hard to see in the photo, but half the scarf is red with a green stripe, the other half is green with a red stripe), and the hat was knit in the round with a long “stocking” in stripes. As usual, I didn’t have a pattern, just went with the flow of the yarn. moose

I also recently finished this fun hat. Knit in colourful variegated yarn. Again, trying for a fun finish!vari hat.JPG

I’m also working on a food chain, starting with a fly, a fish, and a crab! Two new species in the food chain knit experiment.

Knitting but not blogging…

So I’ve been doing a great job knitting lately. Finished lots of stuff since my last blog. Not so great a job of blogging. Just haven’t had a chance to upload photos and write.

I’ve finished a massive car blanket using tons of stash. It’s in blues–which look very washed out below. Multiple strands of soft yarns.

blue blanket

I made several hats and mitts (no pattern!). The black mittens were my first in years, no pattern, and I sort of like them. I used the scraps left over from the hat, plus two different black yarns. The scraps went in to thicken the palm portion of the mitten. The green mittens in the acrylic turned out even better, in my opinion, and are a nice match for the hat. I have enough green yarn left to make a scarf to match. The hat with the unicorn stuffy topper is from a ball of yarn I bought at the Gower Street store here in Toronto. The topper comes with the hat. I thought it was pretty cute and the yarn is very soft. I may end up having to do it over though, if the child getting this has a smaller head than expected. 🙂

hats and mitts

And finally, I finished (and sold!) another food chain! I had started this one last year, but never got around to the bigger animals! It’s a great way of using up bits of yarn! I’ve started another food chain (for another customer). So far, this one is starting with a fly, rather than a worm.


Fall Is Here

And I’m knitting again. I knit a bit in the summer, but not in any sort of dedicated way. I did finish a mohair cowl in the summer. The ruffle was achieved by casting on 3 times the stitches needed and then decreasing after a few rows, and then knitting in the round until I decided it was long enough and then increasing 3 times the number of stitches.

Cowl with ruffle at the top and bottom.
Cowl with ruffle at the top and bottom.

I’m knitting a blanket right now with a ton of yarn, in an effort to reduce the stash. My usual pattern of starting with three stitches and increasing one stitch every row. It’s in the shade of blue.

Good or Bad?

So, for five whole months, almost, I bought no new wool in 2015! Yesterday, though I bought a massive ball of pure wool to finish the shawl. I’m using leftovers from the kite blanket project and the brown blanket project, and I know I won’t have enough of the light blue wool. So what could I do? Pretty good though. So many months avoiding temptation! And I am very much liking the combination. It’s a very cozy, soft combo.

Making another blanket. I have lots of the beige and variegated left, but needed to get some more of the light blue wool.
Making another blanket. I have lots of the beige and variegated left, but needed to get some more of the light blue wool.

Seasonal Knits?

So, here’s a photo of the blanket I finished weeks ago now–but didn’t have time to post about!

Still on the needles when I was working to cast back on.
Still on the needles when I was working to cast back on.
Completed kite-like blanket.
Completed kite-like blanket.

I gave this to my dear sister-in-law to keep her warm!

And then I started, and finished within the week, this big brown blanket, hoping it would be finished before the weather got much warmer. No worries there!

Big brown blanket using many strands, including some yarn made from old pants cut in strips.
Big brown blanket using many strands, including some yarn made from old pants cut in strips.
I should add clean pants I guess! 🙂

These used a lot of wool. But I still have several balls of blue, beige left. So what next?

Small Experiments

Last fall I went to the Gower store with two sisters. One of my sisters suggested I buy this massive ball of pure wool, light blue, with 4 or 5 large balls of an acrylic variegated–in blues and beige. She thought the two yarns would be perfect for one of my multi-strand blankets. So bad, tempting me to yarn purchases in 2014!

This April I finally got around to trying to knit with those two yarns. Now, the two strands knit together all on their own…I really wasn’t liking very much. Not enough body, interest. So I searched my bins, thinking to add three or six other yarns–since my car/couch blankets often have as many as 12 strands. Anyway, I ended up just adding one other yarn, a fine teal mohair. You wouldn’t think one fine yarn would be enough to make a difference. It totally is. And I am really liking the texture and body of this blanket (shawl?) I’m currently constructing.

Usually, for the blankets, I cast on two stitches then increase one stitch at the beginning of every row until I get the blanket long enough (or get through half the yarn) and then I decrease one stitch. But this time I wanted a change and I wondered what would happen if I increased two stitches in the middle of every row! Wow, interesting shape, like a kite. I really like it.

Was going to make a blanket, but it's more shawl like.
Was going to make a blanket, but it’s more shawl like.

I started to cast off this shawl/blanket on Tuesday night at the library club, thinking it might be big enough. I’m now in the process of undoing my cast off row (so easy–casting off took about 5 minutes) and putting the stitches back on the needle (equally easy–will take about 5 minutes). I have over two hundred stitches on the needle, and lots of each yarn left. So maybe I’ll go to three hundred. Stay tuned.

But what can you take from this?
Never be afraid to experiment!
Never be afraid to cast off and see what the project looks like off the needles!
Knitting without a plan can produce something interesting and beautiful!

Also, this project is a pretty good stash buster, since both of the yarns I bought last fall were taking up a lot of space in the bins.

Need a Scarf and Hat Today

Almost the end of April and it’s hovering around 0 Celsius! Luckily I just finished this scarf to match the hat I made a few weeks ago. Also just finished this hat to use up the rust-coloured yarn I needed for the black/rust blanket. I love this hat pattern. I guess I’ve made about 6 or 7 hats in this pattern now. I tried to have the same effect happen in creating the scarf, spiral effect, but it didn’t work. Still, I like how it does look.

Two hats and a scarf.
Two hats and a scarf.

I’m now working on a blue blanket, using 3 strands: wool, mohair, and an acrylic variegated yarn. I was sorting through the stash Tuesday night and it now will fit in just two large bins. Yes!

Blanket Bliss

I finished a small blanket in rust and black, finally mastering the Zimmerman pattern that is a series of triangles to form a square. I had to buy one more ball of the rust yarn, needed about 20 metres. It’s the wool I mentioned last post, from Michaels. I have almost a full ball left–maybe a hat.

Soft acrylic yarns in rust and black.
Soft acrylic yarns in rust and black.

It’s good to finally succeed with this pattern. Moving on to a scarf to match my latest hat. And also working on some lengths of i-cord for an undecided project.